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We work with most major insurances and state founded
programs, please contact us for eligibility

Care Credit

We also accept care credit for
payment options.



Prior to me joining the in motion team as a patient, I had been involved with a couple of prosthetic companies as a patient. Neither were anything to get too excited about, and they didn’t meet my expectations when it came to finding a professional, loyal, and honest prosthetic company.


These are three very important things to me when on the search. In motion Prosthetics has met all three very important qualities that I look for in a prosthetic company. The inMotion team has the ability to demonstrate hero class patient relations from the time you have your first consultation all the way up until the prosthetic is delivered. In fact, they go further than that and make sure you are taken care of the entire time you are a patient. Upon receiving my two arm Prosthetics the inmotion team was able to find me and inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital to gain knowledge, and become more functionable when wearing my prosthesis.


I was at an inpatient hospital for 10 days, the inmotion team visited me quite frequently, and show their concern the whole 10 days I was there. That’s bedside manner like I’ve never seen before, and that’s what I do like. The entire team at in motion has the ability to engage and connect with patients, they’re able to explain everything, you understand and aren’t left in the dark about anything, they make you feel like a priority when visiting the office, everyone is very experienced in what they do, and they pay attention to detail. Over the past few months when experiencing malfunctions with my Prosthetics, quite often I’m able to go in the office the next day and have the problem resolved professionally, and promptly. Inmotion Prosthetics gave me what I needed. I now have surprising control control which is allowing me to be more functionable than I ever have before. Their work has allowed me to keep my Independence.