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The Right Solution

New Level of Performance

The increasing use of microprocessor controlled foot and knee systems and limbs that bio-mimic the action of human joints provides the clinician with fitting options that enable the individual patient to choose their activities with freedom. Close interaction between patient and Prosthetist means that these options can be evaluated and explained so that the choices made, result in a fitted limb system that works comfortably and effectively with the user’s lifestyle.

Continued Support
Satisfaction at its Best

We offer a full range of amputee support from pre-amputation evaluation to advanced prosthetic fitting, delivering and follow ups.

Established amputees, who are confident and comfortable with their chosen limb system, may carry on with that prescription or may wish to consider additional options to engage in a sport or leisure pursuit that requires specific limb components for optimum performance. The Prosthetist is happy to discuss these requirements with the individual and in conjunction with the clinical team so that a good solution can be developed to support this enhancement in lifestyle choice.

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Planning for Tomorrow

Your assessment and treatment plan will be developed by you and your clinician, who will use technologies from around the globe to ensure you have the ideal match for today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.


Our dedicated Private Clinic team will answer any questions you may have and will be available to you throughout your treatment.